Friday, December 02, 2005

New Life

This is my first blog. Previously, I had never been intrested in blogging, but seeing my friends doing it I wanted to give it a try, so I am here. Its just like entering something new, or say a new life. The life of cyberworld..... full of own virtual selfs rather a way to put up your thoughts to a whole new set of people. Those are like you, all lost into this virtuality. But, all more than alive.... it seems contradictory but then its true. We all search our lives for something meaningful or we can say truth, but when it comes to light we are not ready to accept it. Acceptance is the key to all things, accept things at face value and you find things going the easy way for you.



welcme to blogosphere.. :)
will blog roll u soon..
jaldi se post maar kuch dinchk saa !! :D ..
buh bye :)
gnite :)