Monday, December 05, 2005

Life and me

As, I say, take life at its face value, its too easy to say but hard to practice. It looks quite simple to make such a statement, but it rather concerns with unravelling the mysteries of - Life. I always try to introspect myself and try to discover more of me. Its seems to be a very boring task at first, but as I go on exploring further, I start enjoying. I enjoy more and more, with time and eventually I realize that externally also the world seems beautiful to me. I have started appreciating the things near me and feel a sense of calmness round me. Everytime, I discover something new, I think over it and see if it is doing me good or causing me harm. These, things may sound trivial but are very important. Atleast, they made me change my outlook towards my life and life of those around me. I realized, that until and unless I know myself, how can I proclaim to know others. And, the irony being that sometimes, even my whole life is too short to know myself, as I usually choose the wrong path. We always, want the people near us to change, be it our parents, friends, spouse or relatives. But, have we ever tried to change ourselves - hardly ever. Why? because its easy for us to complain and get away, but difficult to find the right cure. My mind is not ready to accept that yes, I can be at fault, but its always the other way round. And in the whole process we keep loosing ourselves and finally a stage comes that we are afraid of our own selves. As it seems to be a complete stranger.Why, I say all this is because I have experienced a part of it. Earlier, I used to be such a person myself- complaining and complaining. But, then one incident changed whole of my life, that is, it shook me deep within. Then, for the first time I realised that I was loosing a track of myself, I am loosing me in the crowd, I started to fear some part of me. It was at that time that I took the decision and with a brave face - faced my life. To my utter disbelief, it was not that bad, yes I was made to own my mistakes, which was hard but it always taught me something or the other, which helped me later on to cope up with my external world. Like this i befriended my life and now we are the best pals.


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hey ! wonderful !! :)
well all i can say is.. its really imp to give priority to ur goals.. ur parents.. ur near n dear ones.. but the most imp proirity is the one that a person shud give to himself/herself..coz if u lose urself.. u lose everything.. the bottom line is.. "bheed me sab tanha hain" i mean.. :D ur never a part of the crowd neway.. and if u forget that.. and dun claim ur own identity.. ur own self.. ur gonna get lost in that crowd.. ur identity will get lost some where.. n u wun get it back.. never ever.. so understandin oneself.. being in company with oneself.. is really imp.. u did the right thing .. after that incidence..BUT WAIT A MINUITE.. which incidence??? :D .. u gotta tell me !!! hehe .. jasoos bola na tune mujhe.. abb batau jasusi?? kiddin ;)

byee.. tc..