Friday, December 16, 2005


Yesterday, I was havin a chat with one of my friends... while chattin we just came upon the point of hurting someone - one who is near n dear one. We both gave our point of views and the talk continued. Later on, as I sat thinkin about that topic, it looked as though it had some underlyin meanin. I just asked myself... How would I feel if someone closed to me hurt my feelings or he betrays me? it was tough to answer that question. Why? because when something happens to oneself we come to know that, how much that action hurts. We usually never want to face the reality. But, yes, once in our life time a situation will come when we will have to face the music and then the truth will dawn upon us. Usually, it happens with all of us that when we are in a agitated state of mind, sometimes we speak or do things, which accordin to us are right but we don't take into consideration, how would they impact our family or friends. And, these moments, however small they are, could impart a scar on the relationship for a lifetime. Nobody's perfect but still we all can try to be good human beings... even if we can't praise somethin we should refrain from criticising. So, be happy n spread happiness!

There are few lines, I got from somewhere, which I liked n I'm quotin -
"What HURTS u the most?
Being hurt by someone, you 'TRUST' a lot,
Or being trusted by someone, you've 'HURT' a lot,
Just Think!!!!"