Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I look towards the grey sky, the floating clouds there abound,
The gentle breeze moving them, they are just like - lost n found,
Sinking into the deep within, memories are floating by,
Somethings look lively enough, still a missing feeling is thereby,
Symphony turns into cacophony, brightness leads to darkness,
Like drenched in chilling rain, feet routed in the ground,
Unable to hear in the splashing sound, the lost me making sound,
What I take as victory peals, is the sobbing self within reveals,
Standing in the known crowd, still making the self alone,
It is all real or illusion, the sound melancholy or confusion,
The body is to be wasted, soul is to be released,
Still thinking as though taking all, all thats around me,
And ultimately when the time comes, I am the only one,
The uniting of the soul has come, with almighty I become one,
Its again the clouds sound, the feeling remains sound,
What hav I lost n what hav I found, alone in crowd is my destiny abound,
And waiting for God to say - Lost n found.


neo said...

tera lost kisi aur ka found. ho !! meter down, down down, down down down - 2... ahem ! tere post padh kar hamesha gana gane ka mann kartha hai :p nice poem and they say college is such an unproductive place,coupla free lectures and frnds like us and this baby is born :p

Chaitra said...

hi MANISH....
nice poem....
wah yaar tum to shakespeare ki saatvi pusht lagte ho.... ;)
wah wah wah.....
n very truely it suits the name of ur blog too....
so u lost soul.... find urself n start studyin.... exams aa rahe hai... maaamu... ;)
i hope u have already started...
bye tc

Varun Sadana said...

nice one buddy.. really cool.. u write well. i seriously remember my college days when i used to write a few like them, but now i think i have lost my touch, maybe somewhere like ur lost and found will it be loitering.
keep writing, you

Manish said...

Thanx for ur words buddy... n i agree with u bout coll ;)

oe.. saatvi bahut pehele he ho gaye... 21st bol ;)
thanx that u liked it.... aur haan yaar exams ke alaava bhi bahut kuch hai life mein :P

thanx man.... u knw we only...keep the things aside for sometime.... u'll find it when u want it :)

God bless u all
Keep similin n lovin life

Arti Honrao said...

Jhakkas ...
parr ... "Hmmm" :-?
Koi aur title nahi mila kya?

"I look towards the grey sky, the floating clouds there abound,
The gentle breeze moving them, they are just like - lost n found,"
Aprateem ...


Neetika said...

Kaha se maari hai
Just kidding
Bindaas hai
Excellent work
take care

smz said...

very well written... i hope i find what i have lost...
keep it up

Manish said...

hey... yaar kuch aur sujha he nahin.... so just a lil blank title ;)

thanx.... hum to dhanya ho gaye.... ki aap yahan aaye :P

thanx... n u'll definately find what u hav lost... just hav faith in the almighty :)

GBU all