Monday, April 10, 2006

Parting... that never was.... :)

A few days back, I had a gud fight with one of my best friends.... as usual, it started on some idiotic note and don't knw how it ballooned into a heated argument... which resulted into solid fight. Well, after the fight, we both were sulkin (haha... I knew bout myself n later bout my frnd ;) ). But the fight was such huge that we both were unwilling to talk to each other.... so now what to do... our ego's were turning out to be bigger than us....
Later on, after some time I realised that I am hurtin myself more by losing such a good frnd... and then I felt very bad... so I told myself... even if we are partin ways.. it shud be done in a very nice manner.... there shud be no hard feelings.... so just out of the blue... i jotted down somelines.... and sent it to my frnd....
Here are those lines :

"i learnt a lot from u, i taught a lot to u,
i fought a lot with u, I listened a lot to u,
i made fun of u, I made a fool of myself for u,
i scolded u a lot, u returned the favour on spot,
i made u angry at times, u made me angry at times,
i spoke a lot bout u, I never knew bout u,
i was a child, u were a child,
I was similar to u, u were similar to me,
I thought all was fine, u were on cloud nine,
I failed to understand u, u never told me what u thought,
I almost lost u, u justs thought the same,
I have now lost u, life will never b the same,
I cherish our talks n fights, the wrongs n rights,
the darknes n lights, the song n sights,
but all is gone, n none is here,
Life gave a beautiful friend,i lost the gift,
life taught me a lesson, never to cause a rift."

Well... the lines had their effect.... there was a reply on mail.... and after that we resumed talking... so its like "all well that ends well".... Neways, but I revised an ol' lesson... a broken friendship is more painful, than a hurt ego.... so never try to bring ego in between the frnds... just try to sort out the matter....

Njoy ur time on earth

P.S. - Had nothin new to write... so had written down.. this incident :D


Arti Honrao said...

"a broken friendship is more painful, than a hurt ego"

I agree wid you. The message you want to convey thru this line is so loud and clear. At some point in our life we let ego take over the show and later on we repent for what we allowed to happen...
I have had a few such experiences of my life and I sort of re-lived those after reading this post.

BTW ... nice poem :)


neo said...

oye star trek ke rastha bhule hue star trooper.. wht do u mean by "Njoy ur time on earth" uske baad kya humme MARS par bhejega :p apna blog padhne ki ithni badi sazaa dega humme ;)
Nice poem dude...i've seen tht when a person is hurt he/she writes exceptionally gud,cauz all tht comes out then is feelings ..feelings in there crude form.
waise kisse raada kiya rey ??? matter jyada heat up ho toh bolna apun matter settle karwa dega.
~ pappu hatela

illusion said...

wow...if any of my friends ever wrote such a poem for me after a fight, i'll forget all differences in a second!
very sweet.

Kishley said...

Hey thats so sweet of you :) my fren never write a poem for me :( vaise mein jyada naraz bhi nahi hoti na!! :D

Neetika said...

This is so sweet....
I wish i would have a friend like you......
Anyways How is life going?
Sorry for delaying
Take care


thank u .. u know.. after readin the comments.. all i could do was.. amile smile smile smile... ... n smile :) ..
i thought u'l ask me about my status last nite... par u din ask.. irt was after readin the comments 2 this post....

i thank god for out friendship !!


thank u ,.............


Manish said...

hey fellas as usual i am late in replyin to ur comments... par i knw as usual u ppl wud not mind.... :)

u knw sometimes flash back is gud sometimes...
n thnx for likin the poem :)

abe woh just tp ke liye likha tha... aur yup u r true.. when a person is too happy or sad he does write or went out his thoughts in some manner... n sometimes writin is the best thing to do... neways thanx pappu hatela :)

yup... aisa he hua tha :D

@Doll (Kishley)
yaar thats gud tu zyada gussa nahin hoti... sabko aisa he hona chaheye.. par haan poem zaroor koi likhega...

oe... i thought we were frnds ;).. well yup sure will be ur friend..neways.. gud to see u here.... chalo njoy urself :D

hey thanx to u.. for being my friend..

chalo then
take care
god bless all


Chaitra said...

hey Manish...
its so good to know that u ppl have ended the war.....
n a lot more good to know that ur fren is happy..... ;)n yes ilove to c ur fren smile.....
be happy...n keep smilin....
n never fight.... :)n if u do make up fast...

Sony said...

Yes you are right, Nothing is more painful than a broken friendship. Wellif you dotn mind could I write this in my blog.

Manish said...

Yup u r welcome to quote this from my blog... no probs...

Take Care