Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I dunno :)

Well writing a post after some time... but this also isn't something great... these were the few lines written by me... while having a talk with my friend.... I don't know if these make any sense... but then thought should put it here... so here are they... :)

I walk, walk through the life,
See the world, world in binds,
Live the life, life so confused,
I meet, meet and part in life,
Think about good, good & bad alike,
Take the pen, pen down the thoughts,
Close the eyes, eyes so beautiful,
Deep within, within feelings came & go,
I am awake, awake but not concious,
Well just learn, learn bout life,
Alone in chain, chain in the mind,
Free to fly, fly with full freedom,
Reach to thy, thy is the kingdom.

P.s. Well the title of the post just came to my mind... just as I dunno y...


neo said...

hai hai mere WB Yeats i didnt knew i inspire u so much :p Muhahahaha !!!

Keshi said...

random musings ha...very beautiful and there's a peaceful carefree nature in that verse Manish...


CyberMenace said...

what a poem yaar .. insightful since it applies at times to me too !

Chaitra said...

nice poem.....
n the title is the perfect.. ;)

Manish said...

Oh thanx man :)

thanx :)

cool, so u also feel like that sometimes.. ;)

Well so somebody liked the writin ;)

God Bless u all

illusion said...

gud title!

Manish said...

thanx... Cheers ;)


Chaitra said...

hey Manish...
itne dino u havent written somethin..... takin a break....
will love to c another lovely work..