Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random thoughts...

Ha.... finally here after a long time... ( well for me it was a long time.. :D). Well, I still had not formed my mind so as to what will I be scribbling here so am just putting the casual thoughts that are coming to me. For, past few days, life was sort of just passing by.... and me was just whiling my time away.... anyways, today was feelin nice so thought to jot down something...
Actually, this is my third attempt to put down something as with the last two I was not satisfied. Words don't seem to be too willing to come out from within the soul... as this is the place one should listen to. Too much of heart makes the dish too sweet and too much of brain makes the dish too sour the best combination is from the soul as it has got a perfect balance between the too. It knows what preperation is to be served - a lil sweet a lil salty ;) Soul is the reason of your existance.... without it you cease to exist anymore... So, I always try to listen to the inner voice as for me it pays... even if initially it seems to be too harsh or too mellow... but later on the results are just great. Then be it in my personal life or my career. I do not say that the result is always in your favour but it teaches you too much for you to regret it.
Well, talking bout things... there's nothing much going on my side... I am not doing anything, still I dont have time... I am thinking but still nothin useful comes out.... I am muddled up and still I scribble down something.. bout which I myself dont knw much. Life is just taking me for a ride for a past few days.... I dont knw whats the reason... as am smiling but the smile seems to be false... I am laughing but it seems to be hollow and I am writing but it seems to be devoid of any meaning.... Well, well... the story is unending so I dont want to let ti drag n for the time being this is there on my blog.... But I assure u all something nice will be coming up soon.... :D ... Till then bbye.... take care and enjoy ur time :)

I had taken this picture a few days back, when had gone to outing with my friends and had a great time... I was just held by the way these empty boats were floating in the water.... they seem to tell me something but alas I am not able to find the hidden meaning but am njoyin the pic :)


neo said...

arey wahhh mere !!!! sweet and salty krack jack biscuit ...bhaiya wht it is ??? :p chill man enjoy the ride :)

Arti Honrao said...
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Arti Honrao said...

Hmmm... Like it....
What u hv written about the soul is so true.
Abt the picture. It is so peaceful
The first thought that comes to my mind seeing the boats is that they are flowing with the tide.
Then, after some thinking, philosophically [obviously] it comes to my mind that these boats are empty! They have no destination to reach and are just floating around because they do not have someone to give them direction, some purpose. These boats are like those people whos' souls are as empty. Having no destination, no purpose. No one to guide them and move them with oars.

Jyaada ho gaya naa :blush:
In short, jhakkas photu tha, apun is copy karing :)


Arti Honrao said...

The boat says ~

Yunhi bina maqsadh tairh rahi hu
Mujhe maqsadh do
Paani ke thapedo se hilh rahi hu
Mujhe sthirta do
Jaane kahan jaa rahi hu main
Mujhe disha do
Thak gayi main yun tairte hue
Mujhe ek maajhi do


Varun Sadana said...

hey i like they way you post those really crude thots of urs into a really presentable manner. pretty virgin thots i'd say. thats why i make it a point to visit ur blog!!

emotions said...

Hey good scribbling...good pic...
made me reminded of the Jagjit Singh's gazal
Yeh daulat bhi lelo, yeh shoharat bhi lelo
Bhale cheen lo, mujhse meri jawani
Magar mujhko lautado bachpan ka saawan
Woh kagaz ki kashti, woh baarish ka paani

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

Kishley said...

tu zarur ek din socrates jaisa philosopher banega.. dunno from where do thoughts come to ur mind.. :)
And wen i saw the pic, i saw the vast sea, not the empty boats..

Manish said...

yup buddy, njoyin the life ;)

well u see its upon idividual, how one percives the things... so I welcome ur view... n it is really nice perspective :) .... n u welcome to copy the pic ;)

the lines are just too gud... I shud learn the art of spontaniaty from u :D how u put down such nice lines...

hey buddy thanx for ur words n foe payin a visit :D

nice hai yaar... i also remembered those lines... at the time of my outing :)

@Doll (Kishley)
aap toh mahan hain.. aapne hame itni izzat di... dhanyawad ;) ,well for some its the waters, for some the boats and for some its both or none.. waters also look nice :)

keep smilin n visitin
GBU all n TC

illusion said...

life takes us all for a ride at times. i know exactly how u must be feeling. have faith...this phase will pass soon.

Chaitra said...

hi m late again.... :)
i am from the khaandan of indian police... ;) heheehehhe start with the pic too gud....
n obv even i cant make ne sense....
i dont where i have lost all of them....but m goin thru the similar phase of my life...
doin nothin but still busy...
may be this time of the year is like that..
i dont hope my comment makes ne sense either...
n TC

Manish said...

yup.. i knw that this phase will pass soon.. thanx :D

Well.. der aaye par durust aaye... hai re indian police... kaise kaise log yahan unke yahan :P ...
thanx.. for likin the pic... and it seems many ppl are goin thru this same phase.. well well... sab moh maya hai ;)
neways... hav a gr8 time

GBU both