Sunday, March 12, 2006

Varanasi,Benares, Banaras, Benaras, Kashi, and Kasi

A couple of days back... the whole of India shooked under the twin blasts that occured in Sankatmochan Temple at Varanasi. It looked as though again a war is awaiting the Indians, so that they are never able to rest peacefully. The blasts were also of no meagre measure, they were of high intensity and the day was also symbolic. But, the main point behind the whole issue was to create unstability in the country at large and also to challenge the country and its people at the same time.
I myself was shocked at the news of the blasts and it shook me deep within, seeing the place of the blast - A Temple. A place of worship, a place of faith, a place of peace.... What did the people, who did it, gain out of it? Did it serve some useful purpose, did it satisfy their thirst for blood or did it pacify their already overflowing emotions.... nobody knows that, but its sure that they are not humans or rather they cannot be considered as humans. What does a person or persons gain out of killing their fellow beings - it only shows their mentality - a sick mentality. People are being butchered at the place of faith.
And the irony of the whole thing was , the blasts had occured at a place that itself means to give respite from trouble that is, Sankatmochan ( one who relieves you of troubles) and now his own home is in trouble - wah.. what an irony. All this is enough to shake one's faith in the lord and for some people it did also... ( I was also skeptical....) that sometimes even the almighty seems to desert you. But, then an incident occured in my life and it again proved me wrong about the creator. An incident which made my faith in the all powerful stronger than it had been before, and dispelled all my misgivings about him. I faced the worst crisis of my life and came out unsracthed.. literally... Anyways, it was bout me... but there are still hundreds who have their faith shaken and I am sure that the all powerful will make them realise about his existance sooner or later as required.
God Bless All

P.s. The title of my post lists out all the names Varanasi was known as.


Arti Honrao said...

It is really a shame that such things are happening around us :(


Manish said...

Its true what u said... n it really makes we think : Are we rightous to call ourselves humans???


Kishley said...

hey yes ofcourse we are righteous to call ourselves human.. we dint do it!!! those who did ofcourse dont think abt being human... i dont believe in god anyways.. so temple thing doesnt bother me.. wat bothers me is how can someone be so cruel as to kill so many ppl..

smz said...

its upsetting things like this happen.... i dont understand why taking someone's life can make a DIFFERENCE!!! what's wrong with us.. i thought education changes all this but people are getting worse off then in the olden days

here's my 2 cents.... :)

Keshi said...

Man is only an experiment...and he's failing for sure.


illusion said...

"there are still hundreds who have their faith shaken and I am sure that the all powerful will make them realise about his existance sooner or later as required."

I really hope so!

:) GOD bless us all.

neo said...

Orthodoxy can be learnt from others; living faith must be a matter of personal experience and we have had our personal experience ;-)


Neetika said...

yeh i can understand
But can we do??
We can only mourn on this incident...
Nothing else
Anyways How are you??
Missing everybody
Neetika- no time for blog
Take care keep smiling

Manish said...

Hello everyone...
Again I aplogise for replyin so late.. sometimes I didnt have time... n sometimes I just didnt feel like replyin so... plzzz plzzz bear with me :D

@Doll (Kishley)
well Doll I agree with u... but i used a collective term by "us"... n yup.. the killin of so many ppl is really disturbin...

I agree with u...
and am confused bout 2 cents :O ...
plz enlighten

Well said... but its the hard truth...

Am also hoping for the same...

yup, we have had our personal experienceand that was enough for us tp realise his presence :)
Jai Hanuman

Well.. we can be aware whats goin round us, n make sure if possible we can contribute to avoid such mishappen ...
n Neets missing u here... so try to find out sometime and am sure u will find some to spare :)

Well... thats all
Keep smilin n keep visitin
God Bless You All

kuki said...
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