Saturday, March 04, 2006

Who's busy these days...

Ha... oh... it looks like everyone is n was busy for a few days.... what to say I too was busy.... but still can't say that I did something useful... It looked as though time was just rushin past the few days, was not able to complete a number of tasks on time and so on. Even now had got some work on hand.. but ab aisa laga ke bahut ho gaya, mujhe ek break chaheye, and what is better than writin a post on the blog.
Past few days in India, a number of important events took place... startin for the presentation of the budget by our finance minister to the arrival n then the departure of the president of US Mr. Bush, to the die hard fans of cricket the ongoing test match between India and England ( where Indian camp is in shambles ) . These were the few events I noticed in the past few days, for rest I wasn,t even aware of whats goin around me. Had a solid workload from my college and the from today we had our mid-sems so will be cutting this sorry state for a couple of days more..... now thats enough of my lamenting....
Coming, back to the recent topics the most important with common mans point of view was the budget, though I was not able to browse through the whole speech, what I gained that he left the tax structure as it was but he increased the service tax to 12%. Now, its like I am not askin for dowry but yes, will take whatever you give to ur daughter like a car n all... What is this Mr. Finance Minister, you make us pay tax in a different sort of way... we are already reelin under a lot of tax pressure n u increased the service tax more, which irrespective of your income, you have to pay to have any service. He also increased the service tax net, well thats okay, but the increase will be pinching... now for u all see it translate into an increase in your mobile bill, your laundry bill, increase in cost of daily good n vegetables ( as they are using transport industry.. :) ) and so on....
The second thing was the excise cuts... here people were very happy that the FinMin has reduced excise for small cars... n immediately the manufacturers dropped the price but on the other hand, he made the OEM accessories more costly and unviable... so now forget, the accessories that your dealer offered yo for free... so more or less you gained nothing. The icing on the cake was the levying of tax on computers... now here the catch, we want to make India an IT superpower and our FinMin helps the cause by raising the enrt barrier ( read costly computers ) thats the irony of India and its people. The man at the centre is fooling round everyone and people are very happy with him... Though some of his efforts are worth applauding but then most of the things done the our Hon. FinMin has left a gaping hole in the wallet of the middle class people of the country....
These were some of the things I got to know bout the budget, while am waitin to study the thing in full but as of now... this was what I felt bout it... so here my opinion..... And about the visit of Mr. Bush... well I'll leave something for next time also ;)
Till then I'll take your leave..... Hope to see u all soon :)

P.S. : well my heading of the post and the content is all irrelevant so try to bear with me, and dont throw curses on me :)


sebia said...

ok as im not in i cant bless u with my utmost wisdom:p
plus im 2 restless today to yip yap anything :0(
ok ok..its nuthing new..i get these mood swings every other day
anyways wotever u wrote ws good..till half..thn i gaveup..cuz i couldnt relate 2 it

Manish said...

Well... u see i was also not able to make out what i wrote.. so no prob... neways nice seein u here :)

Critics_anonymous said...

Ok..on da
1) servie tax thing..
u muss hav noticed a negligible percent of our population pays da IT. And almost everyone of hese conjurers (my dad n me included)use fare airlines..etc! These they cant avoid and so this is where Mr. Chidambaram caught dem!

2) Read da budget 4 da comps again..

3) Cars.. this hits me..i mean a few grands ka reduction wudnt make sum1 buy a car.. but the big hit on importing da kool gadgets..the race machines n the accesories..i wish MR. C did sumthg abt it..!

And apart from all this..his budget made my stocks dwindle..I may start an anti budget forum on that..

Neetika said...

Oh ho
Sooo...Mr.Bush or Saddam Hussain or Bin Laddan....
All set to fire the blogs of all bloggers...
Atlast i got the time to write something
Bush busy...everybody busy
What a damn month??
Anyways i am third...
Taka care
Keep smiling

Keshi said...

a quick peak into what's happening at ur end of the world :) twas a good summary.


Kishley said...

:) when this busy-time ends u'll wonder y r u not doin anything.. happens a lot with me.. :)

inverted moron said...

Do I see a new Vir Sanghvi on the block?? :)
Enriching post dude. Keep up the good work.

Manish said...

hiiii... mein aa he gaya...

yup.. I agree with u on service tax net... its a good way to catch everyone...
About the comps... there is tax on packaged software... but still will check on it
Yup.. in cars imported accessories must be made cheaper...
And me with you on anti budget forum :)
go ahead :D

Yup.. maam u r third... but congo.. u atleat got time out of ur busy schedule.. neways.. had to write something so it was there...
but what bout u... tooo busy now-a-days :)
jaldi se return maaro :)

well... it was like this only :)

Yup.. thats true... when suddenly u get time, it seems that u hav nothin to do :)
very true :)

@inverted moron
well thanx buddy for that... kisi ko to accha laga... thanx for ur appreciation :)

God Bless You All
Take Care
Keep smilin

Manish said...

I was surprised to see that... one comment was not shown... so also postin it here..

Cool Snoopy ~ picture!


thanx fella
God Bless You

smz said...

life is soooooooo BUSY!!! i duno what's going on!!! btw good one!!

Chaitra said...

so everyone's busy...m not..but still m late by 6 days....
what if i get busy??? ;) hehe
neways nice post...
i cud notice that u understand all those finance terms...i dont, so it was nice to know the imp highlights of this budget in ur simple language...thanks for the enlightenment....
good job...
take care...

Manish said...

yup, life sometimes seems to be too busy :)
BTW: Thanx for droppin by and keep visitin :)

Wah wah! agar beezee ho gaye to log bhul jayenge ki koi blog naamak cheez bhi hoti hai :D
thanx for ur words...

God bless u all
Keep smilin
Take Care