Thursday, December 26, 2013

The first post of 2013 for me... to early or too late...

I saw the year going by,
It stopped by me to say "Hello" "Hi",
The youth of his had withered away,
Don't remember was it April or May.

A time well spent was everyone's dream,
But time is like a melting ice cream,
The more we plan for it to be well,
It does more shrink than swell.

Its just a matter of perception,
The feeling is there since inception,
People call me complacent,
Does "Me" really need a replacement.

The year still whispers in my ears,
You have waited for many years,
Let the one in you laugh and rejoice,
Serendipity is sometimes by choice.

Lets take a walk to a new realm,
Ushering where happiness is at helm,
Chose wisely for it affects your tomorrow,
Happiness is always incomplete without sorrow.

I think over it again and again,
Do I want to be happy or remain same,
As the new year is waving goodbye,
I am ready to welcome a newer one with a smile and big "Hi"...