Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Same old story... bye old year.. welcome new year 2015 ...

The same way every year goes by,
Not a single 'hello' or 'hi',
I don't think how it was for me,
Coz in my life tension is free,
You don't live by chance or choice,
Its just commotion and noise,
You start to make life's music,
The tune comes out to be too rustic,
I don't really know whether I have a heart,
All I can see are thousand broken parts,
What new is a new date going to bring,
All the while that I do think,
Even tomorrow is a new day and date,
But tomorrow never comes thats called Fate,
Still I try to live up with everyone's hope,
Cling to hope with a very weak rope,
Welcome the year with a sweet positive smile,
May happiness abound you in awesome style...
Welcome 2015....