Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Its true that time flies,
But more than truth is that people change.
Time may be the best healer,
Also its the best eraser,
With memory it also erases poeple from your mind,
For a person time does not change him,
Its the time that has changed.
But in reality he's too busy to notice,
that its othe other way round.
With passing time we grow and change,
We forget but not usually forgive.
We remain in present but live in past,
We look the same but heart has changed.
True that time flies,
But I have changed more than time,
People come and go and so do you.
While I lament on time for things,
Its I "myself" who has to learn things,
Change is the only thing constant in nature,
And even though I change with time,
The change should always be for better,
I may grow with time,
But I shouldnt forget my friends of life,
Even though they are out of my sight,
I would never want them to be out of my mind.
True that time flies,
But I will change taking all my people along...