Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Melody of Rains...

The rain drops were loud yet silent,
Pouring like the musical waves,
Stirring up the melodies within the silence,
Something enigmatic is being played,
Something thats esoteric to me,
Still the sweet melody plays on,
Even when the rains are gone.
I still hear the sounds, sounds of drops,
I lay still, so still as to capture it.
A burning desire within me to feel,
Feel the music within and out,
Voidness all around overflowin with the sound,
I smile and laugh, peels of laughter,
In sync with the music around,
Turn into tears from eyes outbound.
Just like the raindrop, tears play a melody,
Just so obvious yet goes into oblivion.
The music is still there but now more subdued,
Tryin to make out its meaning and truth.
Its pouring outside and within now,
Don't know whom to control and how.
Its such an irony of life,
You have both the feelings together,
Melody and meloncholy at the same time,
Heart's overflowing with the sound,
Oh! listen. Oh! Listen, Listen to the sound...
Melodies by rains and tears abound,
Yet so silent and yet so profound.......


Anonymous said...

Hi Manish , :)

You described the conflict within your heart which such ease that left me somewhat spellbound.

Hats off 2 u!!!

Tk Cr.

manish said...

Hi dear...
thanks for vising my page...
And Thnx for ur words...

take care
God bless you
Keep visiting :)

P.s. May I Have the pleasure of knowing who you are.