Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Friendship Day!!!

The fresh air was caressing my face,
Making my heart beat at a faster pace,
It marked a beginning of a new phase,
Where we all run the life's race.

As I put my feet on the ground,
The world started spinning around,
I felt it all shaky beneath,
And I stood there holding my breath.

The first step into the room,
Flooded with faces of new bloom,
I realised I was one of them,
Searching for a helping hand.

I spotted u sitting quitely,
Looking towards me intently,
The eyes which said it all,
Though they were round and small.

I took my place right beside you,
You made me feel secure and true,
That marked the beginning of a journey,
Called as friendship by many.

We sat through thick n thin,
Sometimes crying, sometimes grinnin,
The jokes and fights apart,
We always rode in the friendship's cart.

Whenever my life opened a new chapter,
where the things and the surroundings alter,
And a feeling of being lost came in,
I saw u towards me looking.

Smile on your face was like an angel,
Friend you are a gift so beautiful,
Few are gifted to have a true friend,
I will retain this relationship till the end.

Even when my life takes me far,
Between us there would be no bar,
And I know even then, when I need you,
I'll find you helping me thru.

I take this day to say just a thing,
Our friendship is unending,
Even if we are far apart,
We know, we live in each others Heart.

Dear friend I always pray for you,
You achieve what you want to,
And as I wish you, I say,
Happy Friendships Day!!!

PS. This lil' poem is dedicated to all my friends near or far.... Thanx for being my friend... :)


Ann said...

why do you wish friendship day
It is not good for me in my life
I respect the Friendship and its ethos, but can any one say always that will
be happy in life ?Certainly fo r me it was never. I have bad friendship in life.
A great lose in life, I lost a good man for ever, look my blog at
And tell me am I wrong? Who can
save me from certain sadness. I have a nasty experience which I dont want to
remember but can I ever forget? Tell me who is wrong?

- Ann

Anonymous said...

MU :(


Chaitra said...

loved the usual.
thanks for the dedication...(hopin that i was included too :p)..
tc n btw...

Kishley said...

Same to you :)

tarni said...

Great People... Great Words... Great Friends!!

You are Great Manish!!

Absolutely Awesome!!

Happy Friendship..... for the entire life


emotions said...

dis is cho chweeet !!

All d best...

happy friendship day to u too !!!

Arti Honrao said...

Am lucky to hv a friend like you mannu ;)


Manish said...

And Hope we remain friends foreever :)

Life not the same everywhere and at all times. so don't generalise

Tc n GBU