Sunday, June 04, 2006


Walking towards the horizon,
i see the rising sun,
the line seems to move farther,
or was it never nearer.

I always want the possible,
Or is that thing always false,
towards the impossible i walk,
and shatter my woven thoughts.

Some say i think a lot,
for other I am a brat,
I myself think that,
I want what i have lost.

Never in the past u can go,
Nor the future comes true,
I wade thru the present,
Which i think was never meant to.

The sun is coming nearer,
I am happy for a while,
It all seems so real,
Or is this superficial.

Shadows grow n shrink,
I come to life's brink,
Feelings come n go within,
But am entity with no mind.

They why, why theres a burnin,
Burnin deep inside this entity,
One who just listens to world,
But knws its better not to react much.

The horizon again seems far,
Sun is setting on horizon,
Was it all mirage to me,
I was never nearer to it.

Somethings missing somewhere,
Tears are not coming,
But somewhere they are abound,
Again I say to myself no probs.

Its all bout what I think,
What am I doing,
But deep within I knw,
Its the real happiness that matters.

I stop running after the mirage,
Gave my life a pause,
Asked the all powerful for direction,
And Then I found My WAY!!!


Chaitra said...

u have been tagged...
please gussa mat hone.. ;)
neways c my blog for details..
hehehehe shifted again...
rediff was a temporary solution..
bbye n tc...
n btw...lovely poem... as usual..

Arti Honrao said...

I walk till the end of the road in search of the path that would lead me where I want to be, at the dead-end I realize, the path did exist but I did not see! I look within myself and then turn and start walking back ...
because I have now found the WAY!!!


tarni said...

Ah and finally the Way is Found...
very well said...
Is this the same Manish in that Pic???
Its an amazing write buddy!!!

Tarni(Is back)

Manish said...

Hey no probs...
par haan yaar apna blog koi constant rakh...
neways thnx that u liked my write up :)


:( main wahi pic wala manish hoon...
ab bola to tere pitai hogi :P
Neways thnx.. :)
welcome bak to bloggers world...

GBU all