Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I want to write...

I want to write,
but am not able to do so.
To share my thoughts,
But there are none.
A good one was coming,
but has lost its way.
I still fail to say,
what I wanted to say.
A ripple is caused,
I search for the cause,
And in doing so,
I failed to notice the effect.
Everytime is life the stage,
or its the character.
I fail to understand,
part and plays of life.
So how can something,
do I write.
Again I hold the blank page,
With just ink drops.
As I cant write,
I can't write, write a word.


Arti Honrao said...

:( This is somewhat similar to what I am going thru. It seems as if u hv peeped in my heart, used my blood to frame these words!


Arti Honrao said...

A very nice picture to go wid it!!!
I am copying this to my collection

Always ur friend

Manish said...

Hey Aku dont get disheartened.. n cheer up.. u knw everybody passes thru this phase.... at this time u r just not able to think or do nething... everything tastes bland...
neways... cheer up.. n u r welcome to take the pic into ur collection... :)

Friend forever

Kishley said...

You have written perfectly well yaar :) dun worry.. u'll pass thru this phase too :)

tarni said...

Very well said in very few words...
Really a story of every heart... a picture of every mind.... in just a few word!
nothing much said, nothing much written, still said just every thing in just a few words!!


Chaitra said...

"I can't write, write a word. "

perfect ending..
b'ful words as usual..
oye MANISH too to poet ban ja...
u will b a runaway hit.. sacchi.. ;)

Kuan Gung said...

Nice stuff...great picture...wow...well framed!