Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Out of my mind

Hi, friends wishing you all a Very Happy and a Prosperous New Year...... I know that I am somewhat late in wishin, but as it is good wishes are always welcome :)

2005 has been a year full of happenings... for me it holds both pleasent and pinching memories... but then life's like that... nobody can dictate it, its always bout trying trying n trying... sometimes you suceed n sometimes not..... nyways, on the last day of 2005 I was reading a book titled " Out of My Mind " ( from here comes my post's title..) by - Richard Bach.
It was certainely a wonderful book... a book that makes you see youself in a different perspective... a feeling of surprise sweeps over you, when the things said by the author start making sense... Its all bout the 'Mind' ... yes, the most powerful tool god has bestowed upon us.
All that goes around us makes an impression on our minds..... in a better way - in each and every action we do, our mind is involved... All things generate out of our mind, it has got tremendous amount of power... its upto you, how you utilise the potential of your mind... Thats why, all those who practice meditation are usually fresh n feel always cheerful, as their mind is fresh due to meditation which brings bout an air of calmness with it...
We always look with awe to those who have been able to control their mind... we all try to control our mind on similar lines but in vain as it requires practice, just like " Rome was not built in a day". What we do, we think, we dream - all has got link to our mind... it only determines our success or failure, how well we are able to control it the more it reflects on ourselves... A calm and cool mind is the solution to all problems... while an agitated mind makes way for more trouble...
Thus, to make most of ur mind, one should be able to control his mind and the one who controls his mind conquers the world.