Saturday, January 23, 2010


Silence within me is waiting to subside,
Its calmness is taking me for a ride,
I want to cry, I want to hide,
I am alone with no one by my side.

Searching for the soul within me,
That too its doing for free,
I thought my life was complete from A to Z,
It made me realize my life's an autumn tree.

Though I hope a spring to arrive,
On this hope many autumns I do thrive,
And that's when silence within me imbibe,
My life's just a race to survive.

A ravishing thought just comes by,
Like dropping from the heavenly sky,
Silence is silent and just watches by,
What do I do - Shout or Cry?

Oh! the worlds looks so deprived,
Off all the happiness that never arrived,
All the show was contrived,
Where silence but none survived.

Thats the essence of life in all,
Being happy is never a distant call,
Truth is being true to yourself and all,
Happniess in your life would silence install...