Thursday, January 14, 2010

Few lines from within...

There were days when the life looked so bleak,
There were times when days looked so dull,
There were moments when I just lost it all,
There were beats that skipped their rhythm.
The times were neither good nor bad,
Looking behind in the mirrors of time,
I see a person just not himself anymore,
Fights within himself and outside raging red,
Wanting all that for himself that was never there.
The desire to be one and all made him none,
All the things had come and gone now,
He is still thinking was it right at that time,
Those fights were all his or never a part,
All apart they took from him was life.
This was a way that never was his,
He was lost, lost deep in a mirage,
Was his life a dream or apart in space,
Truth was it never occured in parts.
Life was a maze that was set as a task,
Few pieces joined few lying scattered,
Completing the task was the crux of life,
Living it worthwhile was the hint given at large.