Saturday, May 02, 2009

Pain of success...

The heart is shattered once again,
Inside me it brings a lot of pain.
Words are missing to express my feeling,
Under heavy pressure is my soul reeling.
Life again became a place devoid of heart,
It has cut my soul into many part,
Victories are to be celebrated in fashion,
For me am all alone on all occassions,
Don't know what to say or speak,
Through my eyes do dry tears leak.
Havnt got the courage to ask for more,
My lifes a bag full of pores.
Its a way that I do stand tall in the face of soul,
I am all alone, even though have reachd my goal.
Its a battle of emotions as you want a celebration,
But for everyone its just a common occasion.
The eyes strain for tears to flow,
But they refuse to come, however slow.
Its not as though am devoid of pain,
Its just like dancing in rain full of pain.
I am happy , I like to dance in rain,
Its my tears that flow, but am not in pain.
I am standing tall, standing proud,
I am as always alone in the crowd...


workhard said...

For me am all alone on all occassions....

That is soo me!!!!!!!

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Manish said...


Life can be like that...