Thursday, April 02, 2009

Life is not what it looks like...

Sitting in the hot noon sun,
I was thinking about none,
Trying to gather pieces of time,
When life was like sweet lime,
A bit of sugary, a bit of salty,
But now its noe, its just faulty.
I scramble over the memories,
Of the numerous journeys,
Still there's a void within me,
I am empty to thee,
Running about in the life's walk,
I dont have anyone to talk,
Things may be sweet and beautiful,
But the tastes are bland and tearful,
Saying a lot is still not lot,
In the life's web I am caught,
Trying to break free from the prison,
I want to be like the rising sun,
I am searhing for the only one,
I am searching one from one...


workhard said...

Lovely poem.. Its filled with a lot of emotions..Negative though...

Good work

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