Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Lost in the crowd...

When I look around,
There are lots of sound.
When inside I peek,
Whom do I seek.

All the rights and all the wrongs,
From the sad to sweet songs.
All the way life's a mystery,
One day I will become history.

I may be standing big and tall,
Yet in reality I am very small.
I may be sporting a happy face,
Inside its lined with sadness lace.

With the trace of glint in the eyes,
I stand tall telling lies.
A single tear when runs on the cheek,
I sound timid, lost and meek.

All the while I pose a strong exterior,
When I am crumbling in the interior.
I am well supported all the time,
I look for those who are mine.

I have loads of people around me,
Still I am alone without thee.
Don't know when the loneliness will end,
I have lots of actions to amend.

All said but little done,
I am not there, am no one.
All the while I am the person,
All the time I am none.

Lost within me, lost from outside,
Oh! lord please help me,
I am lost, I am lost,
I am lost inside as well as in crowd...