Saturday, February 09, 2008

Silence thats silent...

Is the silence within,
Or is it outside,
Lots of voices around,
But still its very quiet.
A war thats tearing me apart,
Of it Am I a part or not.
As with the nature do I blend,
Or its just the silence that says.
Lots of words spoken,
Least understood in nature,
War is within me or nature,
Or its just the silence.
Am I afraid of myself?
Even though I dont know myself,
So, whats making it worse to live,
My own self or the silence.
I fail to understand the implicit,
Yet silence cannot make it loud,
Its in the nature of nature,
Do I change for worse or better.
The silence is hard to answer,
Answers that are well spoken of,
But answers that cannot be answered.
Its the silence that wants the answer,
Its the silence thats the answer.
I dont know who Am I?
Its the silence within me that speaks,
Such is the meaning of silence,
It makes me speak its tounge,
The language of silence.
I speak, speak my heart out,
Its only the silence that I say,
Rest is understood by you...