Sunday, January 14, 2007

A lone voice...

Its been sometime since I have last visited this place.... actually I was not able to access net and when I had access to net I was not in the right frame of mind to jot down something.....
Anyways, no probs am here again... and am still thinkin what to write and what not to write.... lets see what crops up here....

A small voice inside me wants to speak,
But there's a lack of opening,
It wants to scream,
But all the things are closed.
Its closed to the world,
Its closed to itself,
It just cries in vain,
Bearing itself all the pain.
Sometimes it wants to share,
But theres no one to care,
All the timings are wrong,
Its just sits alone and quiet.
The silent sobs of it,
Of the heart wrenching screams,
All go unheard in the busy world,
Everyone wants time but has none.
It still sits in solitude,
Does not know the thing,
If its by Choice or Compulsion,
The voice stings deep within.
The worldy ways are unheard,
It just cries into the earth,
It knows its destiny is to be alone,
The lone and lonely voice,
The lone and lonely voice cries and dies.


venus66 said...

Hi, cheerup. Sometimes I feel the same. Talk to someone close to you. You will feel better. Nice writeup deep from the heart.

neo said...

abey durga khote ki movies dekhna kam kar aur govinda ki movies dekhna chalu kar samjha :p

Arti Honrao said...

Jaadu ki jhappi



Lourana said...

Good post.