Thursday, November 02, 2006

Am in Pune...

Well am in pune and sittin in a net cafe... samajh nahin aa raha hai kya likhon aur kya nahin... to bas yahi hai jo likh raha hoon.....

Somethings new, somethings are old,
Am not near my home made of gold,
Trying to get the taste of new things'
Lookin to acclimatise to the surroundings,
Few and far between I see the things,
And in my heart a sad bell rings,
Trying to figure out the sound of the bell,
And the homemade dishes I do smell,
Just then the dream is lost and broken,
My tear are inside hidden,
What am sayin and what i wanted to say,
All that come to my lips is Nay,
Am tryin to console myself sayin am Happy,
But now nothings here neither home nor my Lappy ;)

chalo then aal of you ppl
Take care
and Miss me
Hope to c a all soon