Friday, February 17, 2006

Mereko TAG kiya :) ... khush mat ho... hate waala tag hai... :P

" There's nothin to be hated in this world, its all about how you look at things"

Hahahaha... Arti tagged me. Its bout the things that annoy me the most... Well sometimes nothing can annoy me, while sometimes even the slightest thing can annoy me to the hilt. But, if speaking my mind things are not bad... its the way your mind sees them... if not in good spirits anything can annoy you. Like that its all personal perceptions... But now I have to go on with my list of things that I hate or that annoy me the most.... so here are somethings....
  1. I hate those people don't put in efforts for their goals and when they fail, they blame their fate and luck. They don't realise that it ws their fault and not bad luck.
  2. I am annoyed by those who just think that except their own work, everybody is doing some crap of work.
  3. I hate those who are more interested more in what others are doing rather than concentrate on their own work.
  4. I detest those who keep double standards, saying something else and doing something else. Also those of the species who are more interested in back-biting.
  5. I abhor hypocrisy.
  6. I am annoyed by those who think public places are their drawing rooms, and having no consideration for other people. Smoking like an engine, talking like a loud speaker.... and what not.
  7. I really get angered, by those who think the whole world except their home is a garbage dump.
  8. People who are more ready with excuses, than their work annoy me truly.
  9. I abhor those of the kind who think they are the law makers for the society and when it comes to their own lifes.... then its like " laws are made to be broken...."
  10. I am annoyed by those persons who are made to laugh at each and everything, be it grave also. And makin fun of the less fortunate ones, than them.

Last but not the least, all the bad things within me, annoy me to the maximum, as they are cause for my debacle in one way or the other. and by removin them I hope to refine myself.

Chalo... ab major work to ho gaya...likhne ka major work.. but when going thru the post I thought certain changes to be made... but then its the first thought that matter as they show what were ur immediate reactions and whats going on in your sub-concious. Neways, now comes the interesting part.... samajhe nahin kya... arey tag karne ke liye koi ... nahin to phir is tag ka yahan dardnak aant ho jaayega... isiliye... I want to say ki koi mil a chalte hain shikar pe... aur yeh hai mere hit list ... :P

well... till now these are the people... but as alwys those who want to follow me can always follow me...

P.S: Kuch baatein rah gaye aur kuch mein zyada he kah diya. Par then its life... :)


emotions said...

Yepiee me first again !!!!
one more gold medal !!!
manish keep counting...

all d bst !!
keep smiling :-)

Neetika said...

Main second aaye
Bole to fhantastic....

Nice hatred list to be loved
Very straight forward towards your life
Anyways keep writing

emotions said...

hey dude nice one...i must say u r full of anger...hmmmm....koi baat nahi hota hai hota hai....vaise list bahut lambi hai aur nice bhi good hai !!
gold medal milega !!

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

CyberMenace said...

Angry young man speaketh !

honey said...

Manish then u should hate yourself..
bcoz, the first point is cent percent applicable to u....[:P]

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Ha ha know how my temper is these days and you chose to send me this TAG of all TAGS....LOL....:P:P:P
Nevertheless a good hate TAG is what I need I guess:):)

doll said...

LOL... n i too hate those who think whole place as a garbage dump.. i dont throw away even a simple toffee wrapper if there's no dustbin around.. i carry them in my pockets.. if i start checking my trouser's and handbag's pockets i am sure there will be atleast 10 toffee wrappers inside.. LOL

Hiren said...

Since I am on the tag list, I should inform you that I have shifted to wordpress-

Manish said...

yup.. one more gold to u... :)
hmm... arey that day was not goin gud.. so the best way to went out the feeling was thru this tag... therefore got the list... neways... thanx for likin the list ;)

He bhaggu.. aaj kal har koi first aan chahata hai...
thanx for lovin the hate list :D
n waitin for ur list ;)

Yup... ;)

Oe.. mein aisa nahin kahta hoon.. I accept the reality that I did not work that hard for the thing... n yup I am annoyed by myself for being lazy ;) ;)
chalo TC n GBU

yup.. thats y the tag was for u... I was also feelin bad.. so a nice way to went out the things... gud.. waitin for ur list :D
b happy n cheerful

same here... even my pockets are full of toffee wrappers n tickets.. b'coz sometimes there's no place to throw them... :)
keep smilin

yup.. u been tagged n thanx for notifyin the change in blog address.. waitin for ur hate sheet ;)

Arti Honrao said...

Nice hate list


Manish said...

yeah... ;)

the wannabe indian punkster said...

I abhor those of the kind who think they are the law makers for the society and when it comes to their own lifes.... then its like " laws are made to be broken...."
yayyyy I second that!

Manish said...

Yup... thanx for seconding ;)

Varun Sadana said...

Reading your part of the 'hates' makes me feel you are one person who like to be really individualistic, correct me if i am wrong. anyways thanks for dropping in.

Manish said...

Well... I don't myself in that light but then... if my writin conveys that to u... u have full right to form an opnion :)