Thursday, August 19, 2010

Those were the best days of my life...

The face is a mirror of emotions,
Remembering the sweet days of commotion,
The life at school was hard to forget,
But college was loads of fun once can get.
The first day of college when I was a grown kid,
Ragging was the word I most dread,
The term seniors was no less of a torture in the first week,
Marks were left on cheek with slaps-streak.
Classes were a place to pull the leg of classmates,
Who cared that time what's our fate.
Workshop tasks were live stories,
Ragging batch mates were favorite movies.
Time went like a swift passenger before my eyes,
In second year we realized how fast it flies,
The feeling of being seniors was second to none,
I am the king - I am the only one.
Always thought that this would last long,
And thinking about this came third year along,
The feeling of enlightenment came in being,
A great vision by my soul was seen.
Suddenly the realty began to seep in,
The darkness of future began to creep in.
It was all about the ultimate aim in life to achieve,
The start was tough but I was not to leave.
The campus placements were a tense time for all,
Whether be it just an interview call.
Came the final year of soul searching,
The feeling of nostalgia was coming.
The tears were hard to stop from coming,
Amidst smiling face they were running.
The journey was about to take a sharp turn,
From a very beautiful path for which I would yearn.
The days were magic followed by diamond nights,
I would miss those group hugs and friendly fights.
Even today the heart yearns for those times,
Those were the best days of my life...