Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Soul

Few words that could make me heard,
A free spirit like a free bird.
Flowing with the wave of serene air,
A flowing soul in the world's fair.
Voices within make me add to the chaos,
With a calm face I give a sincere pose.
Veils of distrust keep me at a distance,
I want to free myself just once.
The cage of deception is holding me within,
Living life in a cage is a worse sin.
Soul of joy and peace are there to dance,
I will till eternity to get a single chance.
My heart is broken down in many a part,
Everyone has got a space but tearing it apart.
Something is there which I cannot comprehend,
My sins are grave and will take time to amend.
Till the time I can't be airborne like a bird in the sky,
I will bide for my time; then I will FLY...


Arti Honrao said...

The cage of deception is holding me within



Manish said...