Sunday, October 25, 2009

Words in life...

"Do the words flow as they intend to or do they flow as we intend them to?"

The flow of the words was unabated strong and wrong,
But to my cranky ears they were a sweet song.
I never realised the pain they had caused to one and all,
As my world like my heart was very small.

They flowed like the waters in a gushing stream,
Less was the compassion more was the scream.
They stung everyone straight in heart,
Tearing it to bits, tearing it into thousands of parts.

Making the life so sad to be lived as it was,
It was my words that were the cause.
Never did those stop as they should have been,
My eyes were wronged by a selfish screen.

All the while I was the only one,
At the end it was really me but having no one.
They took away all that I had with me called life,
They were less of butter more of knife.

Cutting away all the ties and bonds,
In my heart now lies a dried tear pond.
Words were all that I thought I had till that time,
At that point I realised they were not even mine.

They never beloned to me as they were free from ties,
They poured from my mouth in a bunch of lies.
Time said it was they who ruined me,
My heart saw the truth it was not them but only 'ME'.

My ego was the culprit for the downfall,
Words were only a medium in all.
All the saying goes unheeded in life till the end,
Things could be very bad, but still never too late to amend.

Did I say all that I had wanted to?
I don't know the answer, neither you.
Still a lot more remains in my heart till date,
Would pour out more on a later date...