Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Life's a mystery...

Quite a few times I would say,
" Life's a mystery"
I say I know the start,
But ending is always a mystery.
When I walk, am sure of my feet,
But the roads are always a mystery.
When I speak, I am sweet,
But the interpretation, is always a mystery.
All the while I am the lucky one,
But who is chosen is always a mystery.
For people the worlds' a beauiful place,
But for me its always a mystery,
I say and do, what I think,
But how I think is always a mystery,
My life is mine all the time,
But after me, my "Life's a mystery",
I may recede into history,
But always my "Life will remain a mystery"


Arti Honrao said...

Life IS a mystery and that makes it fun living!

Enjoy life Mannu bhai

Manish said...


Yup its fun living with... but sometimes this mystery tends to burn u down...

Mannu :)