Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Friends Forever...

Through the unspoken we traverse,
Walking through the sands of time,
Thinking bout our past and future,
Together in our present times.

Brought together by the unseen,
Held together by the unknown,
Our bond just grew stronger,
Which is felt not shown.

Life may lead us to many paths,
Some common, some apart.
What matters is in our heart,
We just stay the same, never apart.

All things may come and go,
What we want we may never know,
Roles change all the while,
Still I like you and your smile.

Years would pass like grains of sand,
Through which we all live by.
Am still yearning to hold your hand,
While watching the morning sky.

Time will makes us meet again,
Though our looks will change,
But within heart we remain the same,
The same ol' stupid "Friends Forever"