Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lost in the Crowd....

Walking amidst the crowd,
I fathom whether lost or found.
Through the raging men,
to the shrill sounds.
No one knows my heart and its sound.
The stormy feelings,
to the cloudy eyes.
In the standing raings,
I hide my tears.
Keep allaying fears,
in the crowd's jeers.
Crowd comes and goes on,
But the feeling holds on....
Lost in the crowd...
Am "I" or the "CROWD"


akhil said...

still searching into within? ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, (read as mun, hindi of heart),
I just read your blogs. Send me your number and ill call you. its been a while since we spoke last time. Probarbly it was december only.

Just send me an email.

And who am i, i guess i am the only one who calls you mun( or mani) and we spoke and met in dec.

someone somewhere said...

Yo, Man

you need to cheer up.
You need to push yourself and get yourself in such a mess that you start enjoying your lonliness.

Believe you me, your lonliness, your self is your best friend.