Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I and Me...

I stand there thinking of what to do,
Not a single direction which i didnt look into,
Lots of things are going around me,
Still am lost into mind tree.
Am waiting for thee to come,
But thou shalt not come this far,
Or is this the other way round,
Am rooted to the spot by my "I",
Its not He, whos not will to come,
Its my "me" thats not making me move.
Thou has his heart open for me,
Its my "I", thats unable to enter thy thee.
Lifting the shakles of my "ME",
I raise myself into the hands of thee,
For all that I was thinking I am,
It was just a myth and false calm.
Now am free, free to live my life,
Free from "Me" and free from "I",
Only peace is left now....
Inside and out...........


Shruti said...

Very lovely and enlighting words...
Take care..

Arti Honrao said...

Very true.
One needs to get out of the I, me and myself

Take care

Manish said...

Thanks Shruti.....
Keep visiting :)

Good to c ya :)
miss u

GBU all