Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Silence within me...

Silent thoughts in my mind,Rumbling around the place,
I search for peace in them,Alas! I am completely lost.
The silence over a period,Starts to pinch me hard,
Is the silence in truth?
Or a general placid facade.
Like a calm sea waiting for me,To allay my fears,
When I step in the clear waters,There lies a storm hidden.
I am all caught up,Don't know where to go,
Its just the feeling I share,Searching for someone,
Whom I don't even know.
The silence now becomes,A lifetime companion.
But still I fail to gather,Its subtle meaning.
I let my mind run through wild,To explore new horizons,
To the setting sun behind,And in the end all I find,
I am lost within my mind.The labours are in vain,
Oh! help me. Help me please.
I am in great pain.
Let me understand what you mean,I tell silence at last.
All I get is an enigmatic smile,A smile that gave me the food,
The food, which my mind craved.It just said don't be afraid,
I am just what you are?
I am the one, the soul,the beauty, the ultimate goal,
I am all and All is me.
I keep all things,Deep inside me.
You are my part,And I am yours,
So just accept me,And you'll discover peace.
A thing that you want to get,A thing to fulfil your needs,
I am the Silence,I am the Peace.
I am what you desire.So why do you run thee.
Embrace me oh! human,Discover my capablities,
I'll make you at ease,To you I'll bring,
The much needed peace,
I am the silence,
I am the peace.


Anonymous said...

:) ---- I SMILE...

:) ----- I SMILE AGAIN...


BUT NOT AT PEACE..............

:| ----- X
:) ----- right !


nidhi :|