Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No title for this one.... Readers' are welcome to suggest one :)

Counting the seconds I was there,
Making it into hours of time,
Stretching those into days,
Finally ending into decades.
Life was stretching into years,
but I was still rooted to a place,
Things were moving n gaining,
But I was still searching for a name.
Somethings made sense during the trip,
While I was tripping over the rest,
Mutable thoughts never ending,
WOrries n troubles round the clock.
Mooching in the feelings forest,
Wanting to know the real thing,
Nearer as I came to it,
Farther it wades into space.
Seeing things come n go,
I age through the process,
Wisdom is hard to attract,
Failing in which I cannot.
Greying the body is there,
But the grey matter is not grey,
I realise viewing in different light,
Hard questions' answers I find.


Arti Honrao said...

"On The Wings Of Time"

Howzdat? ;)

Arti [Aku]

Manish said...

Thats a pretty gud one Aku...
Mannu khush hua.. ;)

GBU n Tc

tarni said...

Finding the answers to the questions of life is the biggest thing to achieve!

The way your words flow.... getting the streams into the valley... valley in the river...and finally rivers reaching the ocean...

Great write!


Chaitra said...

lovely poem...
i dont think i can suggest a name...its always the authors previlage...
but still i agree with the above name...

Hiren said...

Very well expressed though I beg to differ on one account- age is the dawn of wisdom unless you are living on an island.

Kuan Gung said...

Very nice...

Manish said...

true hai...
thnx :)

thnx :)

thnx n nice thought by u :D

Keep visitin :)

God Bless U all

neo said...

kya bouncer maara hai, khuch samajh nai aaya :p ummm but very well written ( ab sab bol rahe hain toh sahi hi bol rahe honge )

White Forest said...

nice one!

Keshi said...

how abt Timeless Thoughts? :)


Manish said...

sahi hai bedu... but thnx (ab sabko bola hai to tujhe bhi bol dun ;) )

@White Forest
Keep Visitin

That was really a nice one... Timeless Thoughts.. :D

God Bless U all

Anonymous said...

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